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Home whitening kits will need to be used for several days or nights in a row before you'll see any progress.

Be sure to bring any x-rays or other dental records if you're moving from a different dentist to our dental office.

Zoom teeth whitening is a procedure that's done in the dental office with a special light that finishes off the process.

Implants are restorations that can take months to fit because of all the steps involved.

Properly fitted implants are strong enough to withstand years of biting and chewing.

Call our office for a dental checkup and bring your kids with you.

What goes on in your mouth can affect your entire body.

Most people do just fine after a tooth extraction and don't even need prescribed medication. The porcelain portion of a dental implant can be made to look like the color and shape of your own teeth.

Examining children will be a little different from examining adults.

03/08/17 07:09:24 PM

There is a chemical reaction within the carbon bonds in your teeth that will release when you use a peroxide solution on them.

03/07/17 05:38:22 AM

If you have lost a number of teeth and are not up for a mouth full of implants, you might want to think about dentures.

03/06/17 02:31:48 AM

If you have any pain after a tooth extraction, we can prescribe pain medication for you. You might look at the tooth portion of a dental implant as a false tooth or cap, as they were called years ago.

03/04/17 10:54:34 AM

Catching dental issues in your tooth roots or gums before they have a chance to develop into something serious is always a good idea.

03/03/17 02:37:27 AM

When a tooth is extracted after having a numbing procedure, the only thing you should feel is a little pressure as the tooth releases. Silver mercury fillings are no longer used because of the potential for mercury poisoning.

03/01/17 02:28:51 AM

If you are having pain when you chew, chances are you have a decaying tooth that should be cared for by our dental office.

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