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If you notice that your bite is not right, you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep and causing TMJ problems.

People who drink coffee or tea will usually have stained teeth and not even realize it.

If you lose the calcium in your teeth they will become brittle and can break more easily.

Some people fear a root canal treatment because friends went to inexperienced dentists who gave them a painful treatment.

When you have an infected tooth pulp, we will remove that infection and fill your tooth with a special substance that cannot get infected.

Bad breath can be a sign of tooth decay, so you need to have that checked out right away.

Replacing missing teeth is easier when you have a dental implant installed.

Bacteria is the cause of cavities and removing it quickly after you eat will help prevent cavities.

The more yearly dental visits you miss, the less likely you will be to see a dentist again in your lifetime.

Implants are not always necessary if you lose a tooth because it depends on the condition of the root.

Healthy teeth and gums will give you better overall health too.

We can give you cosmetic dental treatments as well as preventative dental treatments to promote healthy gums and healthy teeth.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you need to see the dentist to have a mouth guard fitted.

As soon as your baby has a tooth pop through the gum you should make an appointment with our friendly dental staff.

Some wisdom teeth will come in without any pain and others will cause a lot of pain.

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